1) Customer should pay down payment to reserve the requested items.
2) Products can be reserved for one week only, otherwise purchase order will be cancelled.
3) Items can be replaced but not refunded.
4) Items can be replaced under two conditions:
-Within one week starting from delivery date
-In case the goods are in good condition, available in warehouses and identical to the available tonalities
5) If the products have been installed or used, no products replacement is applicable.
6) Delivery service to be charged separately if the customer wants ARCOM to deliver the products.
7) If the purchased items are replaced after products preparation, warehouse preparation fees will be charged.
8) Requested samples should be paid for.
9) If the customer wants to receive his/her products from one of the showrooms instead of the main warehouse, products should be received within 24 hours.
10) If the customer receives the products and sign the delivery note, ARCOM is not responsible anymore for the products delivered.
11) Jacuzzi installation service is available but it doesn’t include the electrical connection.
12) For any complaints please call +961 1 838 999 Ext: 5585 for customer service