Arcom Group was established in the early 1990’s in Rayak mainly specializing in tiles, which then extended its business in the sanitary ware market. The main purpose was to deliver premier product quality with the highest and utmost professional customer service. After positioning itself as a leader in the tiles and sanitary ware market, Arcom expanded and opened several new branches in Beirut: Airport Blvd, Coccodi, Verdun, Tayouneh, Sin El Fil and Zahle.

Arcom’s target market extends from local and foreign end users, wholesalers, retailers and wide projects. The wide collection of more than 6000 items provided made Arcom the foremost choice for any customer.


In 2014 ARCOM Group changed its business paradigm to provide a better service along with improving its customers’ satisfaction level by using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to run the business in a synchronized way. ERP provided an integrated view that enabled ARCOM to link all of its branches and activities in real-time.


In 2017 ARCOM group decided to take a major step by employing warehouse management system (WMS) in all of the company’s
warehouses and showrooms, the first system to be implemented in the tiles industry across the Middle East.

This system aims to control products’ movement internally, accelerating the preparation of products sales orders and products
internal transfers between warehouses with zero preparation defect, in terms of quality, features and quantities.



Early 2019, ARCOM Group announced it has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification. ARCOM has created and improved several processes to meet customers’ needs by establishing a solid and effective quality management system to be eventually crowned with the 9001 certificate.

Achieving these standards, SGS was chosen as an international company renowned for its experience in directing firms to confront QMS challenges. ISO 9001 certificate is a confirmation of ARCOM’s commitment and will to sustain robust and clear operation procedures, covering all aspects of services, starting from importing products till delivery. With all achievements, ARCOM is keen to keep looking for new approaches to develop and improve.